ONE AZ Values Statement

One Arizona is a movement born from struggle. We are for the people, by the people. We develop leaders. We build power, protect one another and fight as oppressed people in our community through civic participation, mentorship and training.

One Arizona is fueled by a sense of justice & equity that encompasses the wide intersection of our community’s diversity.

We focus on immigrant rights, voting rights, education equity, racial economic & restorative justice and climate justice. We are in solidarity with all other oppressed people. We are committed to human rights, inclusive of Women, Workers, Immigrants and the LGBTQ community.

We believe in respecting indigenous knowledge - trusting those closest to the pain - and always striving for inclusivity, compassion & transparency.

We imagine a world based on dignity, cooperation & deep democracy, with liberation for all.

Because of these values, we operate with a commitment to trust and accountability, constant growth, and reflection, diversity in leadership, alignment, and loyalty. We are focused on systems change: the transformation of people, community, and institutions. We are committed to dynamic organizing, bringing an urgency to our struggle for unity.