One Arizona works to improve the lives of Latinos, young people and single women by building a culture of civic participation.


One Arizona was formed in 2010 as a direct response to the growing disenfranchisement of voters and to the attack on our Latino community in the form of SB1070. Five years now, One Arizona has worked under a successful collaborative format on civic engagement efforts in statewide, gubernatorial, and municipality based election seasons. The table members represent a broad tapestry of 501c3s focused on voter registration, voter engagement, voter mobilization, election protection, and issue advocacy.

This boom in the Latino population, combined with concerted and wide-ranging efforts to increase Latino voter registration and participation, have begun to shape the results the local, state and national elections.

One AZ Votes

There are over 3.2 million citizens already registered to vote in Arizona but it is crucial we register the remaining 300,000 unregistered but eligible Latinos. 8% of those registered voters are 18-25 yrs old, 17% of those registered voters are Latino voters. Let’s Register to vote and make a difference.


Arizona continues to be ground zero on immigration issues.Arizonians continue fighting back against discriminatory and racist laws and practices. Governor Ducey signed on to the lawsuit against the Presidents executive order to implement DAPA but that hasn't stopped the community and has served as fuel to continue marching, protesting and building power.


We believe that every child is entitled to quality education. Rich or poor, black, brown or white, gifted or disabled-all our children deserve the chance to grow, to learn, and to reach their potential. Educations is the future of tomorrow.

Economic Justice

Economic justice is a component of social justice. It's a set of moral principles for building economic institutions, the ultimate goal of which is to create an opportunity for each person to create a sufficient material foundation upon which to have a dignified, productive, and creative life beyond economics.

Alexis Testimony

"My parents immigrated from Mexico in 1995, they came to the U.S. hoping for a better life but also for bigger and better opportunities for their future children. In the current political world, there is a negative connotation on people of color and in particular undocumented folks. As a community organizer I am a part of a MOVEMENT to change and establish new laws and opportunities for those people who don’t have a voice or the people that don’t have “the right” to vote."

Alexis, Arizona Center for Empowement

“For it all matters, the time has come, where the importance of democracy has to be powerful. Where we should be consistent of what we want and for who we want it for. For our future,our kids, our families.”

Lorena, Mi Familia Vota

Lorena Testimony
Education Testimony

"Vote on behalf of us teenagers who cannot vote yet. Vote on behalf of us who cannot vote because we are immigrants. Vote for someone who can bring instate tuition for all students, regardless of immigration status, so that I can accomplish my dream of completing a higher education. We need elected officials who place resources and education for young people, first"

Maria, Puente

One Arizona is a non-partisan partnership dedicated to voter registration and bringing about full electoral participation by the Latino Community.

One Arizona is comprised of the following organizations:

Each of the One Arizona partners plays an integral role in Arizona’s Latino communities by motivating civic engagement, education efforts, encouraging self-sufficiency and building political influence.

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